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You should have received your control panel login by now. Sign in and click the ADD NEW VIDEO button. Upload a video and you're nearly done! You will receive an email when your video has been converted. Embed your video or simply download it and use it however you want. If you have any questions or problems, contact us and we will quickly help you!

What does Free Transcoder cost?

Free Transcoder allows you to store up to 90 minutes of video and serve 1,000 streaming views of your videos per month for FREE. Need more space or want to stream more videos? Add-on packs are only $3.99/month for an additional 180 minutes of video storage and 10,000 streaming video views per month. You can order as many add-on packs as you need!

I am having problems signing into the Control Panel.

We've beefed up security to all sites due to new kinds of hacking attempts. If you are having issues signing into the admin area, try the following:

  • Use Chrome or Firefox browser, and make sure javascript is enabled.
  • If already using Chrome or FF, clear your cache.
  • Make sure only one person is using your account at a time. Only one device can use your login at one time. We can accommodate more if they are needed, but it may cause other issues, if editing pages are left open on one device and saved on another.

How to clear cache for most browsers: